One of the most important things traders lack is focus. I have seen traders trading stock while they are driving their cars. Like any other art, trading is an art which requires discipline and focus to get a good hand at it. I suggest you to trade stocks in a way you perform your prayers. You do it without any disturbances, in a calm and silent environment and with 100% focus. People who complaint about losing their money in stock market lack discipline and focus. Through my experience I have learned that if you are strict with your trades and you stick with the basics of trading, you can cut your losses short and earn a good amount of money.


When it comes to earning money through any kind of business, positive thinking plays a crucial role in breaking or making a man. When you trade with a positive mindset, your trades will be more profitable and most importantly you will be able to survive in the market for a longer period of time. Thousands of traders loose hope and quit the market just after 1 or 2 losses. But keeping a positive mindset in a tragic situation will help you survive the market and as there are some bad days, positive thinking will one day provide you with surprisingly good days.


Trading is like any other business. You invest your capital and earn a return on it but unlike any other business model, trading in stocks can provide you returns which no other business can, not even close to it. Yes there is risk involved but what great has been achieved without taking some risk. You have to be bold while trading. Think like a businessman and own your trading like your shop. Remember, sticking to the basics is the key to success.


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